Easy Fashion Tips Every Man Should Follow

Some people are just not created for rules. Nevertheless, some rules exist to make life easier — just be aware of fashion basics to save yourself from the most embarrassing faux pas. Find out how to dress better easily in the article below.

  • Fit is the key

Even the most flattering designs will look funny if your clothes simply don’t fit you. No need to only buy bespoke suits from now on: if you are buying ready-to-wear garments, pay extra attention to the fit across the shoulders and sleeve length. A shirt too long may throw off your body’s proportions, and clothes too tight won’t only make you look comical (even if you have a muscular physique!) but they can also make you feel uncomfortable.

  • Spruce up your wardrobe with color

When we think of bad taste, we usually immediately imagine gaudy prints and glaring colors. However, always stay up on the safe side of gray and navy — and you’ll get the most boring and forgettable wardrobe of all time. To avoid that, look up good color combinations and use them to create an accent rather than flood your outfit with color.

  • Fewer accessories is more style

Just two pieces of jewelry are enough to clutter your look. Too many accessories and even great jewelry can be lost in too much bling in your look. A single tie tack may be enough to create a point of interest in your outfit. If you want to create an ensemble, completely matching accessories can look tacky, especially if not used in moderation — either juxtapose them or harmonize using different patterns and a good color combination.

  • Don’t save on shoes

It’s no secret that men’s shoes play a crucial role in an outfit. If you don’t want to replace fussy shoes every couple of years, opt for classic silhouettes from trusted brands. Double-check the fit: a comfortable walk is always a great addition to your look.

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