Ridiculously Easy Ways to Protect Your Phone from Any Damage

Every year, phone manufacturers proudly declare that their latest gadget is equipped with a new screen protection technology but the matter of fact is that our phones have become much more fragile than they were 10-15 years ago. That’s why phone protection gear is usually the first thing on the new phone owner’s shopping list. But how to choose the protection that will protect your phone without breaking the bank? Find out in the article below.

  1. Screen protectors are still a must

As phone screens increase in size, it is becoming harder to save your devices from damage. Even though every new phone model boasts advanced protection, nothing can guarantee your screen will stay unscathed after months of use. Screen protectors are still the best shield from dust, cracks, and scratches your phone can get. Even if your screen cracks under the protector, it’ll help hold your screen together until you replace it.

  • Give your phone a corner-to-corner protection

Clumsy phone owners may know that phones fall first on a) the screen, b) one of the corners. While there are not many options to protect your screen, there are many ways to keep your phone dent-free. Aim for extra protection for the corners: there are cases with reinforced corner zones to make sure your phone doesn’t fall apart with the first fall.

  • Let your phone stay in the shadows

You don’t have to be tech-savvy to know that your phone is not fond of sunbathing: prolonged sun exposure can ruin the battery and make your screen crack more easily. It’s a good idea to shield the gadget in your bag or pocket, however if your phone needs to be with you all the time, get a case that will cover the screen of your device.

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